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Do you feel like you’re getting the truth from the media? Neither do we.

Bright News brings you fresh and raw perspectives from activists, thought
leaders, influencers, academics, and intellectuals directly addressing real
issues within their communities.

Our goal is not only to inform and empower you to ask hard questions, but
also provide a gateway to access brave and creative voices who are not
afraid to challenge the status quo.



Harrison Floyd

Harrison Floyd is a veteran, businessman, and politico. Coming from a family with a deep history of military service, Harrison grew up traveling the world before he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After 10 years of military service, he studied at George Washington University while navigating Capitol Hill. As the former Executive Director of Black Voices for Trump, Harrison led the largest coalition of the 2020 Presidential election cycle. He succeeded in increasing President Trump’s support from Black Americans and helped garner the highest share of minority voters since 1960. 

Harrison is currently the Executive Producer of Bright News and Partner at Commonwealth International. He also serves on the advisory board of the American Freedom Fund and on the House Committee of the University Club of Washington D.C.

Shannon Braswell

Shannon Braswell is a native of Washington State and a graduate of Shoreline Community College and the University of Washington. Being the first male in his family to attend University, he felt the need to give back to his community. He did this through engaging in the non-profit and educational sector. He has worked for Ameri-Corps and Boys and Girls Club as a tutor and mentor to at promise youth and Plymouth Housing Group, servicing the greater Seattle area. He has most recently been engaged in conversations regarding anthropology, faith, social-theory, politics, and history on A Neighbor’s Choice and Things Hidden podcast, hosted by David Gornoski. 

Shannon now serves as the Content Curator for Brightnews.com.

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